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This site is now closed.

It's been closed for over a year now and you can find my personal site including my blog and graphics at Jammed-Escalator. I'm also constantly on my LiveJournal, where I run several communities. That is here.

Thanks to those of who you have offered an endless amount of support and help.


Welcome to the site, all the links are to the left. Click on a section and it will take you to our home page for that area. Hope you like the site, we love feedback so use the form below to email us.

9-20: American Dreams news
9-18: TV section updates, we're trying to get the whole thing set up by the end of the month so it will be problem free for the new seasons, also some Summerland news
9-14: I'm really sorry for not updating recently, but theres been a lot of problems, with the host and other stuff too, there was a problem with Tripod and all the sister sites and this one had some problems. I've been spending the past two weeks trying to fix everything so please bear with us for just another week and everything will be back to daily updates.
9-3: updated all music areas
9-1: deleted Alias and Entourage pages due to a lack of interest. expect a lot of updates during the long weekend, especially as we get spoilers up and running
8-29: working on setting up the music section, news on Life As We Know It
8-27: okay Every Day is Different is up, our new sister site for The Days. Now I am officially back from my hitatus and you can expect loads of updates this weekend.
8-26: okay we're back from the break, sorry for the delay. due to the lack of help and support we're gonna have to cut down in some areas. some of our writers have been unable to contribute as much. So Beauty School Dropout and Books have been temporarily deleted for now.
8-20: Greatness is Upon Us is officially up, a site for the new WB show Jack and Bobby, also I want to ask anybody interested in helping out please dont hesitate to apply for any positions. now that we have several sites we really need the extra help, thanks.
8-15: hope you like the new layout (I know it's not as pretty but it's easier for us to update) currently the site will be taking a one wk break b/c we are setting up our new sister sites, so far you can check out Luke's Diner (for all things Gilmore Girls), and When East Meets West (for all things Everwood).
8-13: make sure and check out our new sister site thats up and running, a Gilmore Girls site: Lukes Diner
8-11: put up a new , updated several things to the music page, several affiliate buttons, and a slight summary info on Lovewrecked.
8-8: full episode guide for the complete first season of Summerland is up, as well as guides up and running for The Mountain, and Clubhouse

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